About Us

Hi! We're the Bumps--welcome to our blog. We got this crazy idea to leave our jobs, our house, our dog and our families for a year to travel the world. Join us for the journey here!

We didn't start out life as globetrotters. Lana had never even been on a plane until she flew off to France for a month-long homestay at the age of 18.  While David did spend several weeks biking through Denmark on a family trip in his teens, he later turned down a family trip to Hawaii in favor of buying a computer. Our honeymoon consisted of a few days in the family cabin up near Leadville, Colorado with my bridesmaids from out of town (but not in a sister-wife kind of way). So how did we get here from there?

That trip to France left Lana with a sense of how amazing the world was outside her door, and how vast. Her lust for experiences and passport stamps has proved to be unquenchable so far. In addition to being unquenchable, the particular variety of travel bug that she has is apparently very contagious. David caught the travel bug not long after meeting Lana, and since 2001 we've traveled together to Hawaii (David finally got there!), England, Wales, Ireland, New Zealand, Iceland, South Africa, Botswana, Paris, Italy and Belize, along with various trips in the US.

David is our official trip photographer, so (almost) all the pictures you'll see are posted by him.

Lana's pictures tend to be more in order to tell a story, so more of the tales of hijinks you'll read here will probably be penned by her.

We've got at least a year off the leash, and we can't wait to get started.  We hope you'll join us on our journey, whether that's virtually through our blog or (could we be so lucky?) somewhere along the way! No matter what, I'm sure it'll be entertaining.