Monday, February 4, 2013

Sign post

What exactly is this sign warning us about?  Bad dance moves ahead?  Tip-toe ahead?  Lana loves a good sign, and we’ve been collecting pictures of them as we see them.
The dire ones are always fun (and Australia certainly knows how to put the ‘die’ in ‘dire’:
These two were from South America, where the warnings are often understated.  Like volcano evacuation route below, where despite the eruption, the stick figures seem to be strolling along.
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Then there are signs with amusing stick figures, or just unique ones (the animal after kangaroo and emu is an echidna):
The odd signs:
We saw a series of cautionary signs on the Great Ocean Road,  between Melbourne and Adelaide, all focused on sleepy drivers. The Aussies really love an alliterative sign.
This last one wasn’t so much a road sign, but it was posted at a gallery in Wellington which had an amazing collection of Theodore Geisel’s original art, and it seemed like something we might want to remember from time to time, so Lana took a picture of it.
We’re sure we’ll find more of these along the way, because it seems like there are funny signs everywhere. If we find more of them we’ll share them with you too.