Friday, February 15, 2013

Bad Photo Friday

We have enough bad photos to post one every day for, oh, forever. But we thought we'd share a real humdinger each week, as a counterpoint to the steady diet of gorgeous landscapes and attractive travelers posing with smiling faces. This is how you know we're not faking this trip like the moon landing. No one would ever fake these photos.

These photos are actually ones we took with one of Lana's Christmas presents (a set of false mustaches) while waiting for our flight to New Zealand. Not the actual bad photos I refer to in this post.

We keep thinking we've got the self-portrait thing down to a science, but we still have issues. These two were taken early on in our road trip, out in Waterton National Park. It was windy there, admittedly, but that's no excuse for the bad hair day we were both apparently rocking by the time we got to the top of Sleeping Bear Hill.

 More than the hair issues, though, our main problem is (1) Lana can't seem to keep her eyes open and (2) David looks like he's constipated. To give him credit, he's the one always holding the camera at arm's length, focusing on us, reframing the shot, and then depressing the button all the way down. This takes a certain amount of concentration, which is evident on his face. Lana has no excuse, however, for her super squint. That's why you'll often see her sunglasses on if the photos faces us into the sun, not because she's hiding from the paparazzi.

Squint camouflaged. It's still a work in progress.