Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Rest of David’s Gear

LuggageWhile planning what to take on our trip, I read a lot of gear posts from other travelers.  Some photographer-specific articles gloss over the soft-goods like clothes, but given the volume and weight of the photo gear they describe, I wonder if they’re taking anything but the clothes on their back and possibly a change of underwear that doubles as padding around a particularly expensive lens.  Lana and I settled on six changes of clothes to give us some flexibility on where laundry day falls, depending on either timing or facilities (mostly a good location or weather for drying, as we can hand wash nearly anywhere).  I picked clothes that were quick-drying and light weight/small volume foremost, but also durable, since I’d like them to last a year if possible, and buying 36” inseam pants is tricky in some parts of the world.

I already listed my photo/electronics gear previously, which is all stored in my black Osprey Quasar 30L backpack; all of the gear below fits in my carry-on, a red eBags Mother Lode TLS Weekender.


From middle left, clockwise:

  • 2 pair pants (navy and tan)Gear
  • 2 pair shorts (tan—one not pictured, being worn) with custom hidden pockets sewn in by my very generous mother with some assistance by me, on the easier, hand-sewn portions
  • 1 pair light running shorts (navy)
  • 6 pair ExOfficio briefs
  • 6 pair socks
  • 6 shirts; 4 short sleeve and 2 long.  All synthetic blends (one being worn)
  • 2 tech t-shirts for running or for layering (grey & white, on top of shirts above)
  • 1 sleep sack, made by my mother out of CoolMax; it zips to Lana’s to form a double when needed/possible
  • 1 pillow case, ditto.  Not pictured; for the road trip, it is also filled with a down pillow
  • 1 pair boxers on top of the sleep sack
  • 1 mostly crushable, and very breathable sun hat (Henshel Breezer)
  • 1 light-weight zippered cardigan fleece (black, below hat)
  • 1 pair swim trunks (blue, on fleece)
  • 1 rash guard for sun protection while snorkeling, or layering (grey, on top of trunks)
  • 1 pair light-weight tights for cold weather (black, in same stack above)
  • 1 microfiber towel (top right)
  • 1 rain jacket (grey, in stuff sack)
  • Travel first-aid kit
  • Sunglasses
  • Travel Braun electric razor (2 AA, so no bulky recharger to pack)
  • Bubi flexible silicone water bottle (blue, with silver carabineer)
  • Toiletries in quart zipper bag (folding toothbrush, deodorant, soap, shampoo, short comb, chapstick, acid-reducer pills and anti-histamines)
  • Toothpaste (using up the > 3 oz. tube on the road trip)
  • Travel clothes line (braided elastic)
  • Ecco Trail IV low leather and Gore Tex breathable/waterproof shoes
  • Nike trail shoes, the bulkiest concession I’ve made; I am replacing my daily 8 mile ride with a 3-4 mile run with Lana each morning
  • Bill-capped running hat
  • Flip-flops (public showers)
  • Tom’s Cordones, for a flat-packing, lighter/cooler shoe option