Monday, December 3, 2012

Shoes: December

 My Ecco’s have been through a lot since the November picture; 26 miles on the Inca Trail, the rubble-strewn sidewalks of Bolivia, and most recently glacier trekking.  The scuffs from the crampon straps are still visible from the latter.  However, they’re holding up well.  After the Inca Trail, I brushed them up, and they looked better than when we started the trip.  They were as comfortable in the steamy rain forest as they were on the ice.
My Toms have seen a lot more wearing, if not obvious wear, since the last photo.  I walked all over Buenos Aires in them—they’re a great, light walking shoe, and appear to be holding up well still, though they’ve had much easier treatment than my Ecco’s.20121203_185015_7D_IMG_14483
My running shoes have only seen one more run since the last photo, so I’m not even going to bother with a picture this month.  It’s been a hard month for running, with head colds and not a lot of great places to run safely and enjoyably.  I hope we’ll get more running in Chile.