Sunday, January 27, 2013

Bedside Clock

Clock Tower
Our apartment in Sydney came with the largest bedside clock we’ve ever seen.  That’s the view from the bed, and it’s easy to read the clock tower in the middle of the night.  Pretty nice!  For some reason, the cheaper unit we reserved was not available, so they upgraded us, for free, to a penthouse loft.  It looks like we may spend a fair bit of time here too, as ex-Cyclone Oswald (now a tropical storm) is pushing steady rain into the capitol.
This is one way in which travelling long-term is very different from vacationing short-term.  When circumstances for being a tourist are adverse, it can be just as much of a ‘vacation’ to stay inside and watch the Australian Open finals (The Tennis, as it’s called), read an entire book e-cover to e-cover, and catch up on some blogging, without feeling the need to plod though the rain from site to site because you only have two or three weeks on vacation. Hopefully, tomorrow the weather will be more in our favor, at least for museums and such. But for now if we’re stuck in our room for the day, we couldn’t ask for a better one.