Sunday, March 10, 2013

Glenelg, Australia tandem ride

After staying in Adelaide for a couple of nights, we thought we’d de-camp out closer to the beach in the suburb of Glenelg after meeting some folks on our Kangaroo Island tour who said it was a lovely place to stay. We found Glenelg to be a quiet, pretty beach town; we loved it.  The place we stayed had tandem bikes for rent, enticingly parked out in front. It had been a while since we’d been on bikes, and things had gone pretty well on our recent tandem kayak experience, so decided to test the strength of our marriage by renting one of their tandem beach cruisers.
Based on Lana’s smile, you can see that it was a successful gamble.  We got the hang of getting started quickly, and also improvised a system for communicating when David was going to shift gears or change speed. It was definitely a lesson in communication, mostly with learning to ask for the cues necessary to accomplish the task together. All that bonding aside, it was just a lovely bike ride. We didn’t want it to end so when the beach path ended we took one that ran along the river. We didn’t make it all the way in to Adelaide, but we came pretty close. We also saw a lot of beautiful nature and birds along the way, including this guy.
One thing about it, if you want people to notice you, a tandem bicycle is the way to go. We got a lot of “Look at that!” and pointing from kids and adults.  But it was all fun, and even added to our own enjoyment—bringing grins to our own faces.
The weather was perfect for a ride—cool and cloudy, but without any wind or rain. We wanted to spend all day out there, but since our seats were getting sore and our tummies were beginning to rumble, we pointed our chariot back to the beach and our hotel for a shower.
Lana isn’t a big fan of giving up control, but she also isn’t a confident cyclist. For her, this ended up being the best of both worlds. She got to spend time with her favorite person, got in a little fun exercise, and all she had to do was pedal.  David was happy to feel the breeze in his face again, despite the horrible, wide saddles on that tandem.
Here’s a little video from the back of the bike: