Thursday, April 25, 2013

111 Meals in New Zealand and Australia

Here's the next installment of "The Bumps Travel On Their Stomachs."  The first installment, 180 meals in South America, is here.  For reference, we flew to Australia on January 9th--there is no specific cue in the pictures to that change.

Food was very expensive, especially in Australia.  And, kitchen facilities were much more common, so you will see a lot more meals that we made; especially breakfasts and lunches.  We're still struggling with consistently taking pictures of our meals, but we were really bad at remembering to take pictures of lunches we made.  So when you see just two meals for a day, the third was almost certainly a lunch of PB & J, eaten on the road somewhere.

Bon appetit!
If you prefer, this is a direct link to the album of pictures: