Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shoes - January

My shoes have made it 4 months, and many miles.  The Ecco’s brushed up nicely after their abuse on the glaciers, but they do have a few deep scratches that are there for good, now.  There doesn’t appear to be a lot more wear on the tread than last month.
I’ve put some more miles on my running shoes finally, but they’re still nearly new.   We’re finding it a lot easier to pick safe and pleasant places to run in New Zealand, weather willing.
And the Tom’s are holding up better than I expected, given how much I’ve been wearing them.  We’ve seen very few people in NZ with them (or similar), and have never seen anything like them in the many, many shoe stores we’ve walked past.
I'm still quite pleased with all three shoes--no regrets about any of them, or with lugging them halfway around the world.