Thursday, February 21, 2013

Adelaide Central Market

We loved city markets in Australia; we’d wander, take pictures, and assemble a picnic lunch, and find a spot to eat.  Cheap, healthy, and quite fun.  In this particular market, I decided to try some more abstract close-ups, after documenting the market a bit.

Our lunch was smoked ham with a local, mild swiss cheese (St. Claire) on wholegrain sourdough rolls.  There is a thriving artisan cheese movement in Australia, and they make some excellent cheese.  We also found some great apples in the fruit section, but the best part of the meal was the yoghurt from a local vendor.  When we first saw their stall, we thought it was a gelato place, but their bins were filled with different flavors of their own yoghurt.  On the right is boysenberry, raspberry and blueberry, and the left is a creamy strawberry.
Oh, it was so good. Why don’t we have yogurt bars at home? There are fro yo places in every strip mall but no one has thought of doing different flavors of fresh yogurt, in varying quantities. We have our next million dollar idea (we have found quite a few on this trip). Don’t steal it. A blog entry is just as good as whatever the legal equivalent of dibs is.