Monday, May 20, 2013

Wedding Photos

It was wedding season in Vietnam when we arrived.  Traditionally that is during the dry season, when farming families had both the time for an extended party, and the money for it, from the last harvest.  I don’t think any of the couples we photographed were from farming families, as their photographers were all carting around roughly $8000 in camera gear, but likely the wedding season is now more of a cultural expectation than a practical decision.  We saw an even mix of brides in traditional garb and more westernized dresses.  Lana guessed that many of them would have a photo shoot in each style.
It was fun to watch them—they seemed very happy and low key.  No bridezillas that we could see, and generally no extended family either.  It was also fun, as a photographer, to watch the wedding photographers (and in some case, their assistants).  This is definitely not a career David has any interest in trying.
As we’ve traveled, we’ve picked up various photographic collections (dogs, signs, etc.).  This was a fun, new one, and we had good opportunities from Hanoi all the way to Saigon.  We’re not sure why there were so many; we hadn’t seen any before arriving in Vietnam, and we haven’t seen any since leaving it.  But it was fun while it lasted!