Saturday, July 6, 2013

Shoes: July

The Ecco Trail IV’s were in heavy use in June.  We did a lot of walking on cobblestone streets in Central Europe, and they insulated my feet from the uneven cobbles telegraphing through the soles. They were also extremely useful during torrential rain in Prague, which eventually saturated and penetrated my umbrella, while my toes remained dry and comfortably warm.  However, all that walking, on top of heavy daily use for the past 10 months is finally taking a toll.  The latex outer tread is starting to wear through in one spot, in my right heel, as seen below.  One short seam on the instep of my right shoe has also come loose, but isn’t getting any worse in the past month, so I’m not too concerned.  On a side note, I had no idea Ecco was a Danish company until I saw multiple Ecco stores in each large Danish town we visited.

My Toms have gotten light use in the evenings—they’re a little slick on cobblestones, and they definitely telegraph every uneven cobble directly through to my feet (it feels like a nice foot massage for only the first 15 minutes of walking), so these haven’t seen a ton of wear in the past month.
The flip-flops haven’t even been out of my bag since the Middle East—and aside from the monthly shoe pic, I’m guessing they’ll stay there.  Not my go-to shoe for Europe.
I did get to use my trail shoes for a great day of bicycling in Austria’s Wachau valley.  And we have aspiratons to run when we get to Scotland, but otherwise, they’re more idle than I’d like.
Next month's shoe pic will be taken in U.S.A.!