Monday, August 26, 2013

Self Portraits Around The World

In the past month, we've been quieter than in the most remote, internet-free portions of our trip. It's been a somewhat more difficult re-entry than we were expecting (more on that in another post).  We're planning to post more regular content, after re-acclimating to being back.  Out of 191 total posts here, we've only written 6 since the end of April (May and June were all pre-scheduled posts).  There are pictures queued up for 16 countries after that.

In the meanwhile, here is a video compilation of our arms-length self portraits from our trip. 

 Or, the silly music version, if you enjoy Roger Miller:

It was a fun way to chronicle our trip--you can see the evolution of our haircuts, the time when David lost his razor, and how many pairs of sunglasses Lana went through. We had fun making it, and we hope you enjoy it!