Monday, August 5, 2013

Shoes: Full Circle

My first shoe picture was August 2012—I didn’t post those pictures, so the first shoe post was a month later, in September.  Now that it's August 2013, I thought I’d post those first pictures alongside the final ones.  If you hover your mouse over each image, it will change to display the shoes as they were a year ago.  If you’re using a touch screen, I’m not aware of a way to display mouse-over/hover effects, but the original images are at the very end of the post.
The Ecco’s are showing quite a bit of wear in that year, but are still holding up well.  They were a great investment for a year of constant travel!  I knew I didn’t want to try to buy replacement shoes outside the US, where finding a size 12 would be a challenge.  They were very flexible; they look decent enough for a nice dinner, with a little brushing up, but they also were very serviceable hiking shoes, even for three days on the Inca Trail, including pouring rain (my feet were drier than the rest of me).  GoreTex is pretty awesome in shoes.
My Tom’s are faring much better than I expected, for a lightweight, cloth shoe.  Definite wear in the heel tread, but the uppers aren’t much different, aside from a bit of fine sand blasting from Egypt and Jordan. 
My trail shoes don’t look too different after a year—more’s the shame.  It’s a bit hard to see through the mud and grass from our last run, but there is some tread wear.  Lana’s running shoes generally look pretty good in the upper when the tread is already shot, so these may be following that model.
If the mouse-over effect doesn’t work for you, here are the shoes in August 2012:
New Ecco:
New Toms:
New Trail shoes: