Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shoes: September

One of our friends suggested I take pictures of my shoes once a month for the blog.  It’ll be interesting to see how they wear.
My main shoes don’t look quite this bad under non-clinical light.  I got a smear of oil on the left side of the left shoe the morning we packed the car up.  Eh.   The tread is holding up great, even after hiking several miles on lava rock.  While it looks like the tread is already scuffed at the heel, it’s actually just dust that doesn’t get scrubbed off, because the tread in the last inch tapers upwards, away from contact with the ground.  So far, they’re pretty comfortable even in hot conditions.
My flat-packing alternate shoes were showing weird tread wear the first day I owned them.  We’ll see how they hold up.  They are very light, and quite comfy, but my heels definitely hurt if I stand in them a lot.  Absolutely not the shoes I’ll pick for a day of museum standing (that’ll be the Ecco’s above).  Lana loves hers, but she also stands barefoot on hard floors, which makes my feet hurt just watching her.
My trail shoes weren’t brand new to start, but only had about 20 miles on them.  I’ve put another 15ish on them since we hit the road.  They’re in great condition, and work really well for street/path running as well as off-road.  I suspect they’ll need replacement before either of the above pairs, probably between 300 and 500 miles (4-6 months at our current mileage rate).