Saturday, September 8, 2012


So, where were we? Ah yes. Someone was jumping off a bridge in Idaho.  From there we had a couple of hard days of driving to get from Idaho to Washington, where we met Lana’s cousin and her family for dinner. The next morning we headed across the border to Vancouver, where they didn’t even stamp our brand new passports. Ah well.

I’ve got plenty to say about Vancouver (they’re kinda jerky drivers, for one), but for now let’s just enjoy some pictures—we all know that’s what you’ve come here for.

7D_IMG_112537D_IMG_112627D_IMG_112652012-09-02 12.06.027D_IMG_112707D_IMG_112907D_IMG_11298310HS_IMG_0319310HS_IMG_0316310HS_IMG_03302012-09-02 11.40.03310HS_IMG_03372012-09-03 16.29.32310HS_IMG_0343310HS_IMG_0358310HS_IMG_0367310HS_IMG_0368310HS_IMG_0377310HS_IMG_0385G12_IMG_1673G12_IMG_1674G12_IMG_1681G12_IMG_1685G12_IMG_1686G12_IMG_1687G12_IMG_1692G12_IMG_1694G12_IMG_1700G12_IMG_1703G12_IMG_1708G12_IMG_1709G12_IMG_1711G12_IMG_17132012-09-04 12.48.28G12_IMG_1714G12_IMG_1715G12_IMG_17342012-09-03 16.33.432012-09-04 08.22.522012-09-04 09.34.15