Wednesday, September 26, 2012


After SOMEONE left a power cord in a hotel room in Corning, NY, *whoopsie* we are back in power and back in business.  The last few days have been a flurry of drive, see, do, collapse into bed, and coupled with a dwindling power source, we were not even offloading pictures from our cameras in the last few days.  But today finds us with some much-needed downtime in New Hampshire, thanks to a gracious co-worker of David’s who has a lovely second home on Lake Winnisquam. We’ve done some laundry and we’re sorting through everything from Minnesota on and we’ll have some posts up here for your on all that we’ve seen and done.

I didn't realize quite how long it had been until I got a very pointed email from my mother asking if I was ok since I hadn't posted anything to the blog since we got out of Montana.  “I was hoping you could post your where-abouts a little more so we could travel with you.”  Ok, Mom, I got the hint. 
Self-portraits lead to giggling
Fall at Lake George
Not even any monkey pox on my arms!

I am feeling much, much better. So much better that yesterday we climbed Cat Mountain.  Now, we're from Colorado, so generally when we climb a mountain we mean a 14er, but this was a nice challenging hike. The Adirondacks are beautiful this time of year.  Don't take my word for it--see for yourself.  Note: you might turn your sound down--it was windy up there and I'm too lazy to strip the sound out of this video.
The View from Cat Mountain