Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Anything can be replaced

This is part of an advertising campaign that is in the window of the advertising agency that created it.  The campaign is to prevent teenage suicide in Wyoming.  There's something so resonant and true to this statement that it always catches me off-guard when I walk past it.  You can sort of see that they've used a school desktop, and a giant statue made of crushed cans, as well as a couple of other wood carvings, all of which say the same thing.


I don't think that I need to tell you that, given my state of mind these days, this (or an adapted version of this) is my mantra.  Jobs can be replaced. Houses can be replaced. Things can be replaced. But you can't get back time, you can't buy more days on this planet (although maybe we can debate the vagaries of this point).  

People are always telling me how they would love to travel more, if they had more money. That they can't afford it.  I always respond that I wish I had more time.  Always admitting, of course, that time buys money.  And that is what we're doing.  We are buying a year of our lives.  I think it's a worthwhile purchase.