Friday, June 28, 2013

Bad Photo Friday: Lemur edition

Lana and Lemurs
This may come as a surprise to you, but taking a photo of yourself with lemurs on your shoulders isn’t easy. It does, however, make for a fantastic edition of Bad Photo Friday. I’ll admit I was a little freaked out initially, as the whole thing seemed like a bad idea, from smearing banana all over my hands to giving my camera to the boy who took us on a “tour” of “Lemur Island,” an island off the coast of Madagascar called Nosy Komba. But I’m kind of lemur crazy, so I did it anyway. You’ll notice there are no pictures of David doing this. Oh no. Also the bulk of these bad photos were taken by said boy who took my camera to take photos after smearing my hands with banana and giving the lemur (which he called "monkey") an invitation to jump on up.

This one really conveys how over the whole thing I am, I think.
This one is just classic Bad Photo Friday
Now I’m into it and he’s not.
I can tell you what I’m thinking in this one: “Is that banana on my camera? That is banana on my camera. I’m never going to be able to get banana goo off my camera, am I?”

And as a little bonus for y’all, since I missed last Friday (sorry!), here’s a little video of this craziness to start your weekend right.
Bad Photo Friday with Lemurs