Saturday, June 22, 2013

Radio Silence

Hi all--sorry that things have been a little sparse around here. Since we flew to Madagascar in mid-April, we've been going at a breakneck speed, and with little and/or very bad internet.  But great transportation.

We do have some news, however. We bought a ticket home. We fly from London to Denver on July 23rd. We know some of you are very happy we'll be home (Hi Moms!), and some of you will be disappointed that the journey is over.

And while we're not sure that the journey is over, we're very weary of packing our bags, and moving them. We're weary of restaurant meals and the same six sets of clothes.  We're worried that we're not as excited about seeing things as we used to be. And that means it's time to come home.

But we still have a month in Europe and lots to tell you about what we've been up to in the last few months and we'd like the time to do it properly.  We'll catch up when we can, but we just wanted to let you know where we are (Krakow, at the moment) and that we're fine, and that we have lots more adventures to share!