Thursday, June 6, 2013

Shoes: June

Shoes - June
Another month, another set of shoe pictures.  The Ecco Trail IV’s have been through a lot of rocky, sandy hiking in Egypt and Jordan, and are holding up pretty well, but the right shoe has one minor seam that’s letting loose.  I’ve got an eye on it, and may need to visit a cobbler somewhere in Europe.  I haven’t brushed them for a while, as I’ve been hiking in rough terrain with them at least once a week, and what’s the point?  It’d be like brushing your teeth before eating a poppy seed and spinach salad.  Unfortunately, that makes them a magnet for wandering shoe shine men, and at least once, I’ve had to physically stop someone from trying to apply some unknown cleaning solution to them.
My SuperFeet insoles are showing some pretty heavy wear, though it’s not visible here.
The Toms are still wearing well.  They were a nice change of shoe in the evenings in Egypt and Jordan, and in Turkey I’ve been wearing them more extensively.  They make me invisible to shoe shine men too!
The flip-flops have seen some wear, and are holding up just fine.  They worked quite well for a game of beach volleyball, where there were some rocks under the thin sand.
I’m skipping a picture of my running shoes, since I haven’t unpacked them since May—there’s been absolutely no time to run on our fast-paced tour schedule.  Maybe in Europe…